Mondays – Thursdays
9 am – 4 pm
AGES 5 – 14


June 28 – July 1 Kids Summer Olympics $300
Let’s kick off the summer at Island Time with one of the kids’ favorite themes!  Our friendly non-competitive camp will be full of many different types of games and activities. Each camper will get to try out new sports and test their skills. It will be a week full of self-discovery and adventure!  It’s all fun and games – Everyone is a winner.  Let the games begin!

July 6 – 8 Crafty Clay Creations (3-day Camp) $225
Clay creations not only last a lifetime but project originality in every form. Together we will create pieces that will decorate and inspire. We will shape and form different creations customizable to everyone that will truly let your child’s unique talents and creativity shine.

July 12 – 15 Sweet, Delicious, Tasty, OH MY! $300
Oh, the irresistible tastes and smells of fresh-baked desserts!  This week we will create the most scrumptious and enticing confections.  We will make and bake a wide array of goodies for the whole family to enjoy.

July 19 – 22 Martial Arts $300
We will be exploring the many wonderful benefits of learning martial arts.  Each day will be filled with basic self-defense and fitness training exercises. Participants will learn Jujitsu, Boxing, Hapkido, Taekwondo and Kenjutsu sword training. This is a fantastic camp for the beginner or even the master ninja.

July 26 – 29 Breakfast Baking $300
Breakfast can be so much fun with different variations, flavors, and recipes. We have found the perfect balance making both savory and sweet recipes. Together we will work step-by-step learning the techniques to make the most important meal of the day.

August 2 – 5 Delicious Dinners $300
A Four Course Dinner??  Sure, why not!  It’s not often our little ones get the experience to create a multi-course meal.  During this camp we will tackle one course each day. Appetizer, Sides, Main Dish and Dessert.  Prepare your tummies! Nothing is better than a full course dinner, of course!

August 9 – 12 Celebration Week $300
Although camp will be coming to a close here at Island Time, we’d like to celebrate all the fun we’ve had with our campers this summer! With that being said, we have planned a week full of adventure, games, goodies and even a special surprise!

Each week children will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including crafts, indoor and outdoor games, dodgeball, game room and free play time.  During the morning, children will enjoy the weekly themed activities and afternoons filled with more games, outdoor play and playground time.

    • Payments for each week will be made at time of registration. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and staff to child ratios, refunds will only be issued due to medical emergencies.


    • Children will be expected to wear a face mask at all times as required by the CDC and the Washington State Health Department.  We will be providing a new, three-layer “medical style” face mask daily for each child.


    • Each morning will begin with a non-contact temperature check and brief health screening questions.


    • Parents will be required to pack a lunch and water bottle each day for their child.


  • Due to COVID-19, parents will be required to sign an Assumption of Risk Waiver relating to coronavirus/COVID-19 before your child will be allowed to attend.