Summer Camp Registration is Now Open!

Looking for half day or full day camps?  Need only one or two days a week?  Flexible scheduling?  Choose our Classic Day Camps. Classic camps will have a variety of activities including crafts, cooking, science, games and more.

In addition to our ever-popular Classic Summer Day Camps, we are introducing our new and exciting Weekly Specialty Camps.  Click Here to Register for the 2019 Summer Camp Program

Sports Fitness Camp: There are many team sport camps, sports organizations and kid’s clinics today.  We pride ourselves on a history of being ‘a bit different’ than the norm.  Our Fitness Training Camp makes athletic training exciting and full of important skills that will last a lifetime.  Each day will be filled with morning exercise routines that involve warm ups, stretching, muscle conditioning for strength and sports improvement, jogging for breath control and endurance, jump rope, basketball, soccer, martial arts with master instructors, yoga for flexibility and stress control. We will also enjoy many more physically demanding and enjoyable activities ranging from dodge ball challenges to well-crafted obstacle courses.  July 1-3 (closed July 4th & 5th) $225

Bakery Delights:  What’s better than going to the bakery?  Baking our favorite treats from scratch.  Children will experience hands-on baking and learn essential skills while making cookies, cakes, pies, yeast bread, quick breads, and so much more.  Complete the week with a surprise treat and your child’s personalized recipe book to take home.   July 8 – 12 $350

Creative Kids Art Camp – Fairy Tale Sculpture: At Art Camp, kids will get a chance to explore storytelling and expression through 3-D modeling. Over the course of the week, kids will be making their own papier-mâché puppets based on characters from their favorite stories and fairy tales. They will get to plan, draw, and sculpt the puppets, allowing them to experiment with multiple aspects of the creation process, and will be able to take home their favorite characters at the end of camp.  July 15 – 19 $350

Science Adventure Camp: Explore some basic concepts of physics while making fun and exciting projects. We will learn about gravity, inclined planes, pendulums, tension and compression and more while we make a bridge from straws, a pendulum painting, a clothespin car, a marshmallow shooter, and a beautiful mobile. Each day will include a short lesson and lots of time to create. Get in touch with your inner engineer!  July 22 -26 $350

Martial Arts Camp: We will be exploring the many wonderful benefits of learning martial arts.  Each day will be filled with an obstacle course, guest teachers, basic self-defense training, fitness training exercises ranging from daily jogging to learning about kinesiology and stretching.  Our guest teachers will be from Seattle’s own martial arts community.  Participants will learn Jujitsu, Boxing, Hapkido, Taekwondo and Kenjutsu sword training. This is a fantastic camp for the beginner or even the master ninja.  Learning self-defense and martial arts is a wonderful avenue to self-discipline, a deeper respect of others, as well as discovering that self-confidence opens many new doors to life and personal growth.  July 29 – Aug. 2 $350

Cooking Around the World: Take your taste buds on an adventure around the world as we make some of our favorite foods from China, Italy, Latin American and Greece.  Children will learn tips, tricks and techniques throughout the week as we make potstickers, eggrolls, empanadas, tamales, salsa, stuffed shells, breadsticks, gyros, tzatziki and others.  Kids will not only bring home food to share but they will also have their very own cookbook created with the recipes they made during the week.  Aug. 5 – 9  $350


Choose between weekly specialty camps and our classic summer camp options.  Our new Specialty Camps are full week camps (Monday – Friday) 8 am – 6 pm.

Island Time Classic Summer Camp offers the flexibility of daily enrollment as well as a choice between full day $55 (8 am – 6 pm) and half day $35 (10 am – 3 pm) registration.

And, don’t miss our final week of 2019 Summer Camp. Summer Camp Celebration Week Aug. 12 – 16 will feature the same flexible scheduling and pricing of our classic camp days and will be jam-packed with activities including bounce house day, pizza and make-your-own ice cream sundaes.

All summer camps include lunch, snacks, movies, games and outdoor activities.

Over the past few years, most of parents have shared that their children have grown tremendously through these exciting summer camps.  Our programs are all designed to have fun while learning important life lessons like: discipline, focus, respect, communication skill building, team playing and self-control.

*A deposit is required upon enrollment.  Deposits are non-refundable and are applied to your registered days/weeks.  We now accept Visa/Mastercard.

Click Here to Register for the 2019 Summer Camp Program